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Welcome to Bright Outreach
A Site Dedicated to Helping YOU Become a Legal User of Cannabis Medicine in Canada
If you find that cannabis helps to alleviate your symptoms
or you would like to discover what cannabis can do for you as medicine,
you have come to a good place!

Here you can learn to:
In order to experiment with cannabis, to see what it can do for you, you should get legal because it’s easy to do and makes things SO much simpler. Even if you’ve been using cannabis recreationally for years you should make your use legal because of its many advantages. It opens up a whole world of cannabis, much of it cheaper than you can buy on the street. In fact if you’re not growing your own, Legal Producers in Canada offer the cheapest cannabis available. They also offer some of the most expensive, for strains with extreme levels of THC which many medical users do not need or want.

Some medical users want to reduce psychoactivity (feeling ‘stoned’) and it is possible to do so with the right strains and methods of ingestion. However, bear this in mind, Cannabis medicine works best through solid mind/body connection. Cannabis has a valid Shamanic side and it is this which enables the mind/body abilities of cannabis. I.e.
cannabis has the ability to open our minds to the consideration of things that we would not otherwise experience and this can lead to powerful mind/body connections which are essential to healing. In plain language – you should learn to embrace the psychoactivity in cannabis if you want to maximize its medical benefits.

Many/most readers will not possess a legal authorization to use cannabis - this is
not a problem. Here you will find help if you need cannabis medicine; to become legally authorized to use it ; to obtain it; which strains to trial for your condition; ingestion methods - everything you need to get started with cannabis medicine. If you are not already legal, this site will show you how simple it is to change that.

Every Dispensary that you can walk into in Canada and purchase cannabis, is technically
illegal. Currently the only legal way to buy cannabis in Canada, is though Federal Government “Licensed Producers” (LP’s). All business with LP’s is done on the internet, using credit or debit card purchasing or COD. All of the LP’s use Canada Post for delivery. If you can’t access the internet or don’t have a credit card this can be out-of-reach. There are Dispensaries open or about to open in most Canadian cities. They provide an alternative for those who can’t use the online system, don’t have a stable address or require greater confidentiality than the legal system offers. Many online Canadian Dispensaries also offer online sales; most have no way to accept credit cards but many can now accept Debit. Why use them rather than the LP’s? Dispensaries are not only easier to use but also provide one on one contact and counselling. In addition they offer a much wider range of cannabis products than the LP’s; in addition to dry herb they have hash, shatter, oil, capsules and suppositories in addition to cannabis infused edibles like brownies, cookies, donuts, candy, coffee and tea. What’s in stock may vary from day to day depending on demand and supply.
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