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Make Your Own Tincture

A quality Tincture taken sublingually is the Gold Standard in consistent cannabinoid dosing.

There is no cannabis medicine that is better, easier or safer to make than tincture, even a relatively sick person can manage it. You can produce a tincture in your own home that is as good or better than ANYTHING you can buy ANYWHERE.

This is the most important news that you'll find on any cannabis medicine web site; how to make really excellent medicine for yourself or a loved one, by yourself, in the privacy of your own home and with complete safety!

My wish is to share my recipe and to encourage people to make rather than rely on the low quality tinctures available in Dispensaries. If more of us helped sick friends or relatives by sharing the tincture we make, this will be a much better world in which to live. What almost all seniors need today is someone to make this medicine for them, I don't know of a single one who wouldn't be helped by it. If small groups of friends pool a little money to buy a countertop still and use it cooperatively this could is the most affordable high quality cannabis medicine there is.

This recipe is not original, I've modelled it on others I've found and modified it using my own refinements. Feel free to riff on it and come up with your own variation and please share it with me.

John Wilbur's Simple Tincture Recipe


  1. Good quality cannabis;
  2. High proof (pure) drinkable alcohol;
  3. Mason type jars to ensure a good but reopen-able seal.

Before you start you need to decarboxylate your cannabis here's a great method that I follow. You can use raw non-decarboxylated cannabis but that's a whole other topic way beyond the scope of this article. Know however that I also make CBDA and THCA Tinctures, using this same method but WITHOUT decarboxylation, so in truth I make 4 different tinctures and then blend them to whatever strength I need.

Ingredient quantities will simple depend on the quantities you have available to work with. I suggest using a 20:1 ratio of alcohol to cannabis (20 ml alcohol to each 1 gram of cannabis). If you want tincture that is stronger (more cannabinoids) use less alcohol in your mix, if you want it weaker, use more alcohol. Through trial and discovery I have settled on 20:1 for my use.

  1. Mix 1 gram of cannabis per 20 ml of alcohol in Mason type jars.
  2. Mash the mixture with a pestle type thing, long enough to reach the bottom of the jars. I use a mini baseball bat, meant to be an ice crusher.
  3. Seal the jars, give them a real good shake and set aside out of sunlight.
  4. Shake well every day.
  5. Open to re-mash once per week.
  6. After 30 days, strain off the liquid. I use a linen cooking bag from a Newfie Store, you could use layers of cheesecloth.

The resulting liquid is the Tincture. The best cannabis medicine there is. Some makers soak for only 7, 14, 21 days etc. You could do a shorter soak to get yourself a basic supply and then lengthen the soak/mash period as possible. It is important to use the highest purity alcohol you can get your hands on, 180 proof or better if possible. The alcohol drives the full plant extraction and also then drives the cannabinoids into your blood through your saliva glands. I bought the countertop still on EBay for around $225 CDN.

I start with 40% potato vodka and upgrade it to over 90% purity (180 Proof) by running it around 4 times through the still. I use a hygrometer I bought on Amazon to test the purity in each run. This means I use the still to throw away almost 60% of what I buy in bottles, to get rid of the water and impurities and get down to the pure alcohol. If you're in the US or visit regularly, you can buy Everclear in some states which I believe is 180 proof. In Ontario, where I live, the highest proof I can buy is 151. If that's the best you can get, use it, don't delay getting your tincture started for that reason.

Administer the Tincture sublingually, a few drops or sprays a few times per day. When I say sublingually I do NOT mean under the tongue. Better to use the larger salivary glands, one in each cheek. So I pump 2 or 3 sprays from a little 30 ml pump bottle into each cheek and then try to not drink anything for 5 minutes in order to let the alcohol drive the cannabinoids through the glands and into my blood. You can also use a dropper to administer the Tincture. If you find the alcohol burn is too strong, try a few drops of water onto the glands before the Tincture.

Don't get hung up in the dosing quantity. Cannabis is the easiest medicine in the world to self-titrate in order to find the dose that works for you. Start slow, maybe a single spray, take another every 10 minutes until your condition is relieved or sufficiently modified so that you can cope with it.

For my High CBD Tincture I use only the highest quality cannabis as my source material. CBD (9%)/THC (7%) the strain is called Bediol from Bedrocan a Legal Producer in Canada and related to Bedrocan BV, the largest producer of medical cannabis in the world. I use this level of pure cannabis bud to ensure the consistency and quality of my Tincture. If this isn't available to you, USE WHATEVER YOU'VE GOT.

For my High THC Tincture I source my cannabis from Tweed Main Street and usually use 18 - 20% THC cannabis as my source.

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Tincture Bottles

I started with droppers but found that a spray was easier to administer, here are the 30 ml Boston Blue spray bottles I use currently from Amazon:


This tincture is very effective when used on skin conditions, cuts and bruises to speed healing. Sore knuckles or other joints, experiment.


If you need full blown cannabis oil rather than tincture all you need to do is run the finished tincture through the still to remove and capture the alcohol, what's left is the best quality Cannabis Oil (Rick Simpson type oil) that it's possible to make.

My tincture is essentially Rick Simpson Oil in an alcohol suspension! Thank you to Jon Marsh at Cannabis Oil Success Stories for pointing that out to me.

Cannabis NEVER hurts, it ALWAYS helps, if it doesn't cure you at least it will improve your quality of life!