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Becoming a legal user of cannabis medicine in Canada

Contrary to urban myth it is quite easy to become a legal cannabis medicine user in Canada and there are many reasons to do so. Everything you need to do to become legal is here for you.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious disease you need to think about your health and not worry about being on the wrong side of the law in seeking treatment options.

If you’re an adult and you’ve been smoking pot all your life, consider this: it’s very likely  that you are self-medicating. Whatever it is you’re self-medicating for can very probably  gain you legal medical status in Canada. In April of 2014 the Government drastically changed the law relating to medical cannabis use. In that change they took ‘Growing Rights’ away from those who are granted legal medical use status however they also made it 10,000 times easier to become a legal user. In a successful legal challenge decided by the Supreme Court in 2016, grow rights have been restored. The Government took itself (and Health Canada) out of the equation. Your legal medical status is now a completely private matter, guarded by legal confidentiality protection, between you, your Doctor and your Legal Provider. No one else will know of your status unless you tell them. However, if you want to grow, you must make an application to Health Canada. Until this changes, you will 'get on a government list' if you decide to grow.

Gone are the days of applying to Health Canada and dealing with an involved process. Under current Legislation,
here's the Nutshell Version of the current process: Your Doctor signs a simple authorization form, you take that signed medical authorization with you when you leave the Doctor's Office. Make copies of that authorization, you can use them to join any Dispensary where you will be welcomed. I suggest you join a number of them to see the breath of what's available and the prices. You can use your Dispensary for guidance, purchase medicine and take it home with you. You will also send the original copy of your signed authorization to a Legal Provider (LP), there are over 40 of them so far licensed by the Federal Government in Canada. You fill out the LP’s membership form that you download from their web site to send with your Authorization. Once your membership has been accepted, the LP will issue you a membership card verifying your legal status, it will be included with the first order the LP ships you. That LP issued card is your proof of being a legal cannabis user in Canada!

Once you become legal you will open yourself up to a whole new world of strains that you purchase by the gram and either pick up at a Dispensary or get delivered to your door by Canada Post from an online Dispensary or a Legal Provider. The icing on the cake is that your medicine is probably cheaper and of better quality than what you’re buying on the street. There is an urban myth in Canada that Legal Medical cannabis is more expensive than street pot, simply put that’s not true. Yes you can pay $15 per gram or
more ($420 an ounce), but this is for extremely high THC content. Many medical users are not looking for extreme THC. THC alone is vastly overrated and is much better in combination with other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Higher THC levels often often mean lower levels of other cannabinoids because the strain has been bred for the THC content.

To get legal just read through the remaining pages of this section.

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