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Using the information you find here you will be able to have cannabis medicine in your hands in matter of days!

Here are three of ways to obtain legal status:

  1. Get your Doctor to sign the Personal Authorization Form that you can download here — this is by far the simplest method.
  2. Get your Doctor to refer you to a Cannabis Clinic - slower and more cumbersome method.
  3. Tweed Main Street

1) Use Your Doctor with my Form
Your simply download and print out our form, get your Doctor to sign it.

2) Use a Cannabis Clinic
This is by far the most problematic and time consuming way to get legal and it may leave you very unsatisfied. First you will need a referral to such a clinic, this can take months. Finally you see a Doctor and he agrees to sign an authorization. However he makes your authorization out for a very short time period, typically 3 months when the allowable maximum is a year; this necessitate necessary follow-up visits, more delays and very possibly interruption in your supply of medicine.

In addition
you may not be given your authorization which is how it is supposed to work, so that you can join the Dispensary or Legal Provider of YOUR CHOICE. This is because most of these clinics are allied with one particular Legal Provider. The Doctor gets a kick back for signing you up with his Provider — on all the medicine you ever buy in future! This is part of the reason that prices from LP's are not lower. Insist on walking out with your Authorization if you want to decide on your provider.

Also such Clinics will typically only authorize very small amounts of cannabis, perhaps 2 or 3 grams per day of dry herb. We recommend that people gave their authorizations made out for a minimum of 6 grams per day. The reason is that if you ever decide to go onto a serious regimen of good quality Oil, you will need 5 - 6 grams of herb to produce one gram of oil. One gram of oil per day is the recommendation for serious internal illnesses, like Cancer. The traditional regimen for Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil is 60 grams over 90 days, this includes a ramp up time in order to attain the 1 gram per day dosage.

3) Tweed Main Street
If you live in Hamilton you have a 3rd option which is a wonderful resource: Tweed Main Street. They will help you find a cannabis aware Doctor to sign your Authorization. Then you can place an order either online or at their office for delivery via Canada Post, often next day if you order early. With Tweed Main Street you have the advantage of all of the Tweed, Tweed Farms, Bedrocan and Mettrum strains, all from one LP! It's like having multiple LP's which is not otherwise possible. There are
4 Main Street Locations, all in Ontario, the others are in Guelph, Etobicoke and Barrie.