In most cases this is the easiest and fastest way to obtain legal medical cannabis.

1) Download the Personal Medical Authorization form print it and fill it out as much as you can, so you leave the Doctor with as little to do as possible, then take it to your Doctor and get him to sign it. Ideally, you should be able to entirely fill out this form so that your Doctor only has to sign it and add his or her license number. You may have to fill out more than one of these forms as you search for a Doctor willing to help you.

Once your authorization is signed: Congratulations you’re now a legal cannabis user in Canada!

2) Decide which LP you want to join and download their application form. Print out the application, fill it our and sign it and then send it by mail the the Producer with the original of your signed authorization. Ignore the form they ask your Doctor to fill out, submitting your Authorization in its place. Once your membership has been accepted, the LP will issue you a membership card verifying your legal status, it will be included with the first order the LP ships you. 

3) Make sure you keep a copy, better yet a photo or scan so that you can join a Dispensary or two to get product you cannot get from any LP such as creams, edibles and tinctures.

My form, which conforms with Health Canada’s guidelines, changes the conversation that you will have with your Doctor. You are not asking your Doctor what they
think of cannabis medicine or whether or not they think it can help you. You are telling your Doctor that you are using cannabis as medicine and it IS helping to alleviate your symptoms. Your Doctor will say 'that’s great', or something like that. Then you say “Problem is, it’s illegal and I’m at risk of being arrested for trying to cure myself. If you will sign this simple statement, it will allow me to become a legal user, will you help me with that?” This is a whole different question and you are more likely to get a signature.

Don’t be surprised or upset if your General Practitioner will NOT sign your Authorization. The next best person to ask and the one MOST likely to know about the benefits of cannabis medicine is your medical Specialist. In my case, my Oncologist signed merely by being asked. In fact he was relieved that it was so simple and asked so little of his time compared to the old system when he had to fill out Health Canada forms.

If your Doctor won’t sign you can tell him or her that your only alternative is to see another Doctor or a Cannabis Consultant. They will need to ask your Doctor for an opinion on your condition and a copy of all your records – that’s
SO much more work than a simple signature. This may help. If not, you can ask for a referral to another Doctor or Clinic. If that also fails, forget that Doctor and move on to another.

If your Doctor is hostile, yet for some reason, you want to maintain your Doctor/Patient relationship, just end the conversation and walk away. You can get legal without that's Doctor's help and with the privacy laws that are in place, your legal status will be totally confidential so that Doctor will never know of it.

If your Doctor asks for information about cannabis medicine you can start with this:
Health Canada Info For Doctors