There is a library of information on the Internet that you can use to start educating yourself. Just Google "Cannabis Medicine" and you will get almost 14 million hits!

Here is a
well curated list of some of the great sites for those who want to learn about cannabis medicine: http://mychronicrelief.com/resources/

This resource is put together by
Chronic Relief, here are a couple of other sites that I recommend:

For support groups, go to Facebook and search "Cannabis". Here are a few examples that I know and have used, copy these and paste them into Facebook:
  • Cannabis Oil Success Stories
  • Cancer Cured by Cannabis
  • Cannabis Oil Forum

Here is an online magazine that started publishing late last year that looks very promising:
Cannabis Nurses Magazine. They promise to publicize new research and summarize it in language you don't have to be a professional to understand. This magazine also has a base web site. http://cannabisnursesmagazine.com


Medical Cannabis users the world over owe a great debt to Rick Simpson and this is a name you should know. He has been somewhat controversial within the medical cannabis community but it was Rick Simpson who rediscovered and announced loudly to the world that "Cannabis Can Cure Cancer". He is a prime motivator in what has become the medical cannabis revolution having positively influenced what must by now be millions of people. There is a 1 hour documentary that tells his story on Youtube titled "
Run From The Cure": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDJX7GqsQoA

This documentary actually shows you how to make medicinal cannabis oil, known as Rick Simpson Oil or Phoenix Tears. However the method demonstrated is not practical for most people. There is a great short video on Youtube titled "
How to Make a Small Batch of Rick Simpson Oil" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDJX7GqsQoA This is the method that I have used many times to make my own oil in my kitchen, easily and safely. The solvent I used was 99% isopropyl alcohol because the high-proof alcohol shown in the video is not available in Ontario, where I live. However, I just read a great book: The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana I learned that isopropyl is not the best solvent choice. Next time I will try what they recommend which is 99% acetone. (http://www.amazon.ca/Medical-Cannabis-Guidebook-Definitive-Medicinal-ebook/dp/B00OFI264Q/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1452367230&sr=8-1)

If you have access to cheap cannabis, or grow your own, you may choose to make your own oil. However, once you're legal, you may be able to buy it from a Dispensary cheaper than making it with purchased cannabis and solvents. Buying it is a whole lot easier and less risky.

Cannabis users in general owe an immense debt to Jack Herer. Without him we simply would not be where we are today in the fight to legalize Cannabis. There is a wonderful documentary about Jack on Youtube that the whole world should see titled : "
The Emperor Wears No Clothes" which is also the title of a classic book he wrote on The War On Cannabis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP7pcGR416A

Finally, there are a handful of medical research pioneers who started studying cannabis when doing so was very difficult due to the War On Drugs and these we also need to honour. One of the most revered and venerated is Raphael Mechoulam. Considered by many to be the father of medical cannabis, he is a pharmacologist who kick started cannabis research in the 1960's, made a number of major advances to our understanding of the plant and still runs one of the most respected cannabis research labs in the world.
Because of him, unlikely as it may seem, Israel has one of the most advanced Medical Cannabis regimes in the world. In addition, he and his lab welcome other scientists to come and carry out their own research when it is not possible to do so in their home Countries, enabling further discoveries. Our debt to this man is so deep that it is incalculable.

A highly watchable documentary has just been released called The Scientist that tells his story and you can watch it, on the site what was created to honour this great man: http://mechoulamthescientist.com

Raphael Mechoulam

Here is a very interesting article by Raphael Mechoulam, from the first issue of Cannabis Nurses Magazine: http://issuu.com/hempnation/docs/cnm-_draft.2_jan-feb_2016_issue-1